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Mortgage Banking Magazine Contributors

Charles Wisniowski

Charles Wisniowski is a freelance writer who was formerly senior correspondent for Mortgage Banking magazine and MBA NewsLink.

Before his positions at MBA, Wisniowski worked for nearly five years as housing editor at CD Publications, Silver Spring, Maryland, where he edited two newsletters on single-family home building and multifamily property management, covering housing-related legislation in Congress, the economy, federal housing regulation and mold-damage litigation.

A Connecticut native, Wisniowski has been reporting since 1992 and has covered police and criminal courts, as well as local government and education, for newspapers throughout Connecticut and the metropolitan Boston area. In addition, he has covered health care and human resources management for a Maryland-based business-to-business publisher.

Wisniowski holds a bachelor’s degree from Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, Connecticut, and a master’s degree in journalism from Northeastern University, Boston.

He can be reached at chuckwis@aol.com.